Woltje’s Bakery in Volendam

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Woltje’s Bakery in Volendam

23 beoordelingen
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Visit Woltje’s Bakery in Volendam

A visit to Woltje’s Bakery in Volendam is a must for anyone who visits our lovely village. Not only because there is much to experience here, but mainly because there are many good treats to be found. This bakery is no ordinary bakery, but an authentic stroopwafel bakery. In addition to the store, you will also find the bakery itself, where you can attend demonstrations. Moreover, there is a nice museum where you can go all the way back to the way people used to live. You will find the Bakery of Woltje at the harbour in Volendam, on the middle of the dike, where you will find many other interesting sights.

Stroopwafels made by Woltje’s Bakery

The Bakery of Woltje in Volendam is best known for its stroopwafels, which are made according to an ancient recipe that has been used since around 1853. Discover the story of Woltje’s Bakery, a special story about a special Volendam woman. She became acquainted with the Dutch stroopwafel and decided she could do much better. This is how the Volendam waffle was created, which is really different from the “ordinary” stroopwafel. At the Bakery of Woltje you will also find many other types of waffles, for example waffles with chocolate and waffles covered with large pieces of caramel. Gingerbread waffles, honey waffles and delicious chocolate waffles are also made here. In short, if you go to Volendam, don’t miss Woltje’s Bakery!

Demonstration and museum Woltje’s

Would you like to know how Woltje’s stroopwafels are made, then visit the daily demonstration. Here is explained how the waffles are made and you can also taste them yourself. In this nice bakery you can not just get delicious stroopwafels, but also many other delicacies. Chocolate for example, gingerbread and ice cream. Here you will also find souvenirs from lovely Volendam. If you visit the first floor, you will even find a real Droste Chocolate experience. Do you love chocolate? Then you should definitely go there. Woltje’s also has its own museum, where you will find a nice house with a bedroom and a kitchen, completely reconstructed according to the living habits of old Volendam.

You can book the demonstration on the following times:
11.00 hours
11.30 hours
12.30 hours
13.00 hours
15.30 hours

Nice discounts for visitors

Visit a demonstration in Woltje’s Bakery in Volendam (max. 20 people), taste a freshly baked stroopwafel and receive 10% on all purchases and a € 2.50 discount on your personalised stroopwafel can.

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